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No one can do a good job without proper tools, and the chemicals can be defined, the tools of the photographer.
This is the weak point of many operators. They work with economic and inferior chemicals, and many do not know the true composition; Not to mention unwanted interferences that can be created between them.
Without an in-depth knowledge of photographic chemistry, the operator cannot reach that level which can be truly defined as art photography.


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Leaders in Platinum, Palladium and Alternative DIY & OLD Photographic Processes Equipments.


Platinum Palladium Workshop- December 6th-7th

Corso Platino Palladio 6-7 Dicembre 2014 antiche tecniche fotografiche
Some moments of the platinum palladium workshop which was held on December  6th-7th
at the Conservatory of Photography.
Thanks to all the participants for their enthusiasm, sympathy and skill.
We will repeat the experience in January.
If you already want to book for the next course please send us an email:
Corso Platino Palladio 6-7 Dicembre 2014 on old photographic processes Download File


Platinum Palladium Workshop- December 6th-7th,

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