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No one can do a good job without proper tools, and the chemicals can be defined, the tools of the photographer.
This is the weak point of many operators. They work with economic and inferior chemicals, and many do not know the true composition; Not to mention unwanted interferences that can be created between them.
Without an in-depth knowledge of photographic chemistry, the operator cannot reach that level which can be truly defined as art photography.


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New cyanotype printing Single solution

Process in brief

Cianotipia Mike Ware Soluzione unica antiche tecniche fotografiche

Mike Ware Cyanotype

Single solution


This formula, arranged by chemist Mike Ware, works with the same chemicals of the classic cyanotype, only in this case they are combined to make a single solution, stable over time, that you use to sensitize paper. The variation is the substitution of ferric ammonium citrate with ferric ammonium oxalate.

The process is a little more complex than the standard cyanotype, therefore we chose to offer 100 ml bottle of ready made sensitizer in the kit-section of this website. 

If you wish to make it yourself, here is the procedure (the chemical products you will need are available in this website in the reagents-section)

Chemicals you will need:

sol. A 10gr ferricyanide potassium crystals

dissolve the ferricyanide potassium in 20ml purified water at 43°C

sol. B 30gr ferric ammonium oxalate crystals

dissolve ferric ammonium oxalate in 30ml purified water at 43°C

add 100mg of ammonium dichromate to solution B e dissolve accurately.

Add solution A to solution B, mix well and let it cool down at room temperature. 

You will see a residual of green potassium ferric oxalate crystals that you need to filter and remove. Caution: potassium ferric oxalate is an extremely toxic product so you must dispose of it according to the local law.

You will have about 60ml of an olive green/yellowish solution, and after you water it down to make a total 100ml you will need to filter it one last time  and finally store it in dark bottle. You can use this sensitizing solution for up to 1 year.


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